Warcraft 3 is getting a belated patch next week too

Warcraft 3

A couple of days ago, Diablo 2 was patched for the first time in five years, an update that makes the statesman-like (i.e., old) ARPG play nice with newer operating systems. At the time, Blizzard teased that there was more to come from its old games, leading many to believe that remasters of the early Diablos, Warcrafts, and StarCraft might be on the way. Now we have more fuel for the speculation machine, as a new patch is on the way for Warcraft III.

Patch 1.27 is coming March 15, and will be released simultaneously around the world. That's a mere four years since the last update, 1.26a, hit in 2011.

Robert Bridenbecker, head of Blizzard's classic games group, announced the patch via the following YouTube video, aimed at Warcraft III's community in China. He doesn't say what's in the update, but notes that it's only the "first stop" on this "journey". Looks like we have more teases to come—can we expect a patch for the original StarCraft next?

Tom Sykes

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