Warco: a game of war zone journalism

In a fascinating twist on the all-too-familiar, Defiant Development's Warco sends players into combat with a camera and press credentials to document the action and tell the story. They have a proof-of-concept trailer that goes a long way toward explaining exactly what Warco is about.

Designer Morgan Jaffit talked to Gamasutra about the project, and went into some detail about the motives behind the project, as well as the kind of action players can expect from this war correspondent sim.

Right now Defiant (a studio founded by former Pandemic Australia developers) is working on funding and developing a prototype, but Jaffit thinks there could be a sizable market for a game like this. From the Gamasutra interview:

"We're just offering a new perspective," he said. "There's a lot of games that cover the action side of war. Some of those start to look at the relationships of the soldiers, and the context of the battlefield, but there's not really anything that stands to one side and can pan off the soldier shooting to the children in the background. That's a very different perspective that we offer to everything else that's out there."