The War Z developer Hammerpoint "doesn't mind" comparisons to DayZ

The War Z

Some may assume that there can be only one premier open-world zombie apocalypse experience, and that Rocket's standalone DayZ and Hammerpoint's The War Z must be battling over its maggot-infested throne. Yet, War Z Executive Producer Sergey Titov feels that gamers hold enough inventory space in their hearts for both games to peacefully co-exist, telling VG247 he "doesn't mind" inevitable comparisons to DayZ in both content and presentation.

"In fact, we're fans of the mod," Titov stated. "Ultimately, we hope gamers end up playing both The War Z and the DayZ standalone. It's difficult to compare at the moment, but although there are similarities, we tried creating a game that was a little bit easier to access and play, and that would allow players to be creative and create their own scenarios."

Titov added that War Z's development isn't meant "to be better than or displace" Rocket's legacy, saying, "There is definitely room for two great games in the same genre, and we think that the gaming audience will agree."

The War Z's alpha is in full swing for the rest of the month until a planned beta release on Halloween . DayZ's alpha follows in footfall-disguising lockstep in November with a full release "sometime this year."

Omri Petitte

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