How to not lose an armor a leg: Paradox completes War of the Roses mini-documentary

As far as ensuring the authenticity of many metal-suited men poking each other with sharper pieces of metal, England ranks as one of the globe's leading authorities. While Paradox's upcoming multiplayer medieval mayhem War of the Roses employs some liberties with realism (I'm looking at you, arrow-in-the-face knight who killed me), it's still steeped in enough historical influence to warrant some research on proper feudal scrums.

Senior producer Gordon Van Dyke and lead designer Mårten Stormdal visited England's castle and battlefield landmarks of the actual War of the Roses as part of a mini-documentary chronicling the duo's fact-finding mission for strengthening the game's genuineness. And yes, that involves stomping around in half- and full-plate armor, riding noble destriers, and reminiscing about grim-faced, be-frocked royalty locked in deathly power struggles. The fourth and final episode released yesterday, so we've included the entire mini-series here for viewing. Our beta impressions also bring more in-game footage and thoughts on how each weapons feels as it sinks into our stomach.

Omri Petitte

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