Want to be a world class overclocker?


Fancy yourself as a world champion overclocker but can't afford a fridge for your liquid nitrogen? You may still be able to see your name in lights. The curator of world rankings for hardcore overclockers, HWBot , had a makeover earlier this month, and the changes to the site should give everyone an equal chance to get on the leaderboard.

Friend of PC Gamer and overclocker extraordinaire, Kenny Clapham, tipped us off that the behind the new look there's a set of new leagues for different levels of competitor. The ranking system has also been overhauled in order to try and level the playing field. HWBot keeps track of current world records for specific tasks - like Aquamark framerates on a Radeon HD5870 - but it also ranks overclockers according to their collection of scores uploaded.

"There's a new scoring algorithm and things have been split into classes," Clapham writes, "Now, the guys who still buy all their own gear, then live off beans-on-toast for a month aren't directly competing with the guys who are buried in free hardware."

Clapham is the captain of UK overclocking team Benchtec . You'll find him currently ranked 16th (although apparently he peaked at eight a few weeks ago. Or so he says).