Viking RPG Rune will skip planned Early Access release, full version due later this year

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The developer of Rune (opens in new tab), the Viking RPG that lets you use severed limbs as weapons (opens in new tab), has secured enough funding for the game to skip its planned Early Access release, and will instead release the full 1.0 version later this year, it has announced.

The game, which is a sequel to the 2000 hack-and-slasher of the same name, was supposed to release in Early Access this winter. But in a tweet yesterday (opens in new tab), the development team at Human Head Games said that "through additional funding" they will be able to deliver everything they want on day one of release.

"We no longer have to utilise an Early Access development process," the team said. "Instead we will be launching directly into a 1.0 release later this year, paired with a strong roadmap of post-release content to follow."

The team will provide a launch time frame "very shortly", they added.

Rune entered beta testing (opens in new tab) in August last year. Chris got to try a slice of it in June and was impressed by the combat, which he said was "gory, fast-paced, and fun". Read his full hands-on preview here (opens in new tab).

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