Video: our readers' best Peggle shots

Readers' best Peggle shots

Last weekend we ran a competition to send in a replay of your best shot in a Peggle game, with a large bounty of Peggle swag for our favourite. We've watched all the shots, recorded our favourites and made them into a quick highlights video. Overall winner after the clip.

If you watch the rabbit during the Sir Jelliot's endless lobster flippery, you can almost see him going slowly mad trying to hold his cheerful disposition.

And the prize for coolest Peggle shot goes to:

Klinglern! For his ridiculous rebound in Peggle Extreme. He completes the level in the first second of the shot, but then his ball bounces back out of the lowest scoring bucket, up through a portal, teleports to the top left of the map, drops down onto a purple score peg (which count for 10,000 druing Extreme Fever), then rebounds off a bumper to hit the last peg on the board , triggering ULTRA EXTREME FEVER and turing all the score buckets into 100,000 pointers - into which it finally falls. The stuff of legend.

Klinglern wins this lovely spread of peg-related treats:

Thanks again to all who entered.