Vertagear made a self-cleaning headrest made of coffee grounds and silver

If you feel like your fancy gaming chair from Vertagear from missing something, you're not alone. After unveiling its Trigger line at last year's Computex, the company followed suit at this year's convention with a compatible headrest that is capable of cleaning itself.

Vertager says its Trigger Headrest Sc (for "Self cleaning," of  course) is the first of its kind in the industry. It is also self-deodorizing, a feat Vertagear achieved by constructing the headrest out of recycled coffee grounds combined with fabric.

"Coffee fiber has the added benefit of accelerating the rate of drying by spreading moisture across the surface of the fabric. The pores of the coffee grounds increase the exposure of the fabric surface to the air," Vertagear explains.

The pores of coffee grounds also captures our stink so that the smell of an intense and sweaty gaming session doesn't linger after hitting the shower. And if you're concerned about bacteria, Vertagear claims that silver-infused lined used in its headrest eliminates 99.9 percent of all germs on the fabric surface.

Beyond sanitation, the new headrest brings additional ergonomics to the gaming chair scene with three-direction adjustability. Users tilt the headrest angle backwards or forwards, extend its height, or swing it back entirely.

On top of it all, Vertagear injected memory foam into its headrest for added comfort and wrapped it in suede.

The Trigger Headrest Sc is compatible with Vertagear's Trigger 275 and 350. There is no word yet on when it will be available or for how much.

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Paul Lilly

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