Vermintide swells with free Last Stand DLC

Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide

While it might- nay, would have been better to rethink their choice of pop music before letting this trailer fly free, I'm nevertheless pleased to see that Vermintide is being kept afloat with new free and paid DLC, out today.

Last Stand, the free component, is set to make Vermintide's notoriously challenging four-way co-op harder still. It's a horde mode, pitting you against ever-growing waves of Skaven including, we're told, two Rat Ogres at a time. The longer you last, the better the rewards you'll receive. As a bonus, Last Stand brings with it a new free map, The Town, set in the Von Jungfreudsplatz in central Ubersreik.


The paid DLC, Schluesselschloss (which Fatshark held a contest to find a snappier nickname for) adds a new map in the form of the Schluesselschloss fortress—a warren of bridges and towers that nonetheless promises "no chance of escape". It's £2/$3, and you'll be able to play it even with friends who don't own the DLC.

Last Stand and Schluesselschloss are live now.