Vermintide 2 heads to Castle Drachenfels and opens its in-game store

Vermintide 2 is returning to Castle Drachenfels today with the first chapter of Curse of Drachenfels. It looks like you didn't kill enough Skaven in the last game and the place is still troubled. It's free for all players, and it coincides with the launch of the in-game store

Like Back to Ubersreik, Curse of Drachenfels will let you play new levels based on areas from the first game, but this time it's not being sold as DLC. Everyone will get a shot, though only the first chapter is available at the moment. 

Between quests, you can now hit up Lohner's Emporium of Wonders, a new in-game store that lets you sidestep the RNG and aimless grind to buy cosmetics directly instead. You can earn cash from doing daily and weekly quests, and then spend your haul on cosmetics like hero skins and hats. Premium cosmetics are also available as Steam DLC. The shop itself, however, won't require you to dip into your real wallets. 

Weaves have also been given a quick-play option, which you can play with mates or bots, and you'll be able to earn more essence for completing them. You can earn a bit more from completing Okri's daily and weekly quests, too, giving you a bit more to spend at the emporium. 

Take a gander at the full patch notes here

Fraser Brown
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