Velocibeasts is a 2v2 arena brawler with aspirations of being a VR esport

Even in the early days of VR, there's a surprising lack of PvP games out there. Hover Junkers was one of the first, with Insomniac's The Unspoken arriving more recently, but it's still a small segment of an already small market. Velocibeasts thinks that might change, promising to be a competitive melee arena game in VR, with developer Churroboros hosting an early in-development tournament at this weekend's DreamHack in Austin. 

"I think what people really want to see in VR is one: better content, and two: not as much wave shooters," Churroboros co-founder Michael Pompili told me, and I must admit I agree with him on the second point. Pompili hopes that esports will get people into VR games like Velocibeasts, and says they want to "design games around the limitations and capabilities of VR," instead of just using what works. You can watch the video above to see the game in action and hear our whole conversation.

Tom Marks
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