Valve is working on fixes for the Steam Deck dock's FreeSync issues

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Last week, Valve officially released its official docking station for the Steam Deck. Now that it's made its way into users' hands, Valve is addressing community reports of some issues with the $90 dock. The FreeSync and DisplayPort MST features on the docking station "still require work," according to this Twitter post by Valve. 

Valve wrote that the team is "actively working on these bugs, and we'll be shipping software and firmware updates soon." However, Valve did not elaborate on how soon "soon" is. Steam Deck users have been reporting problems with MST and FreeSync on the DeckSupport Reddit for a few days now, though it's difficult to see how widespread those problems are. But they must be significant enough for Valve to announce that a fix is on the way. 

MST (or multi-stream transport) enables multi-monitor support on the Deck Docking Station, which requires two external monitors to be connected via HDMI and DisplayPort. FreeSync is AMD's adaptive synchronization tech (similar to Nvidia's G-Sync) that helps eliminate screen tearing and stuttering on an external monitor.

Valve has even updated the official Steam dock product page to say that FreeSync support is in progress and that the update for it and MST is "forthcoming."

The Steam Deck and Steam Deck docking station are now available without reservations or pre-orders through Steam with an expected delivery window of 1-2 weeks.  

In other Steam Deck news, a recent update will allow you to make even longer custom boot animations because who doesn't love running the intro to Cowboy Bebop when they turn on their Steam Deck?  


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