Valve endorse wrench-melting charity drive

ZOMG new demoman unlock!!11

Valve have thrown their mighty girth behind the charity melt-your-wrench event we posted about last week, writing about it on their official blog and announcing the total raised so far.

Valve report that the charity has already raised $5,000 in donations (although the official site is saying just over $3,000), and they're throwing down an additional incentive to give generously: you'll get access to an exclusive steam group that'll identify you as a donor when you pledge money. At this rate, players whipping out a Golden Wrench in a month or two are just going to look like greedy fools.

Donations are going to Child's Play , and there's more information on the golden charity at their website here . Or, provided I can successfully wrestle the html again, you can donate below:

[via TF2 ]