Valorant is out now, with a new Spike Rush mode, agent and map

Following a beta that apparently saw an average of three million players a day diving in, Valorant is now live. It's free-to-play, so you can start getting put down by people who have been practising for months without shelling out. 

Not everything in the live version has been played by the closed beta lot, however, so you might have more luck with Reyna, the new agent revealed last week, especially if you're dabbling in the new map, Ascent, or the latest mode, Spike Rush. 

Spike Rush is still in beta, though it's available through the live game. It's a more hectic version of the regular Spike mode, notably cutting down the number of rounds, making it a best of seven deal.

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Ascent, meanwhile, takes the agents to Italy, where much of the action takes place in an big open space in the middle of the map. Riot says it's a "playground for diverse ability use" and you can expect to see it crop up more often in matchmaking for the next few days. 

The launch update also brings with it a slew of tweaks, buffing and nerfing Sage, Omen, Phoenix, Raze and Jett. There's been a performance update, too, addressing framerate issues, along with some quality of life improvements. 

Valorant hasn't launched with a competitive mode, but there is one on its way. "Our initial focus is making sure our service is stable before activating competitive matchmaking," says Riot. Competitive will be available after a few patches. 

While you wait for it to download, take a gander at the full patch notes.

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