Valorant's next agent, Astra, is a cosmic controller with an intimidating ability set

Map control is power in Valorant, and the newest agent joining the roster has a ton of it. Astra, a cosmic caster hailing from Ghana, brings a boatload of utility and a powerful astral form that allows her to divvy up her abilities wherever she wishes.

It's too early to say how prominent Astra will be, but it's hard to see why you wouldn't want her on your team with a skillset like this:

C: Gravity Well

ACTIVATE a Star to form a Gravity Well. Players in the area are pulled toward the center before it explodes, making all players still trapped inside fragile.

Q: Nova Pulse

Activate a Star to detonate a Nova Pulse. The Nova Pulse charges briefly then strikes, concussing all players in its area.

E: Nebula

Activate a Star to transform it into a Nebula (smoke).

F: Dissipate

Use (F) on a Star to Dissipate it, returning the star to be placed in a new location after a delay. Dissipate briefly forms a fake Nebula at the Star's location before returning.

X: Astral Form / Cosmic Divide

Activate to enter Astral Form where you can place Stars with primary fire. Stars can be reactivated later, transforming them into a Nova Pulse, Nebula, or Gravity Well.

When Cosmic Divide is charged, use secondary fire in Astral Form to begin aiming it, then primary fire to select two locations. An infinite Cosmic Divide connects the two points you select. Cosmic Divide blocks bullets and heavily dampens audio.

Each of Astra's abilities can only be activated by first placing a star in her astral form. Switching to the second form allows Astra to freely float around the map and place stars freely, though her real body will be vulnerable in the meantime. She can then trigger her smoke, gravity well, or stun on any star (either in or outside her astral form).

Fans of Overwatch's Symmetra will recognize Astra's Cosmic Divide ultimate. She connects two dots anywhere on the map to summon a barrier that spans the entire map. The barrier blocks bullets, sight, and most interestingly, audio.

Astra has a lot going on, and that's why my gut is telling me she'll be pretty powerful. She's a dangerous combination of Brimstone and Killjoy without the shackles of proximity holding her back. Balanced or not, she'll definitely be fun to play.

Astra is coming to Valorant when Act 2 Episode 2 begins next week on March 2. Here's our guide to Valorant's current character roster.

Morgan Park
Staff Writer

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