VA-11 HALL-A now includes "redux" prologue chapters

The cyberpunk bartending sim VA-11 HALL-A didn't make a smashing impression in our review, but the user reviews on Steam are "overwhelmingly positive"—a case of a game requiring a specific audience, perhaps? However you want to look at it, fans got some good news today when developer Sukeban Games announced that a "redux" version of the prologue chapter, which was originally released in 2014, is now included with the full game. 

"Originally starring the grumpy veterinarian Betty, her personal Slave Boy™ Deal, and an army of dogs that gave Jill a mild PTSD (she actually just can’t stand dogs anymore, not really a PTSD), the Prologue episode was a small three-chapter release meant to be a test to gauge interest, get some money to fund development, and a bonus for pre-ordering all at the same time. We got tons of feedback that shaped the final product and it was key to our survival," artist Kiririn51 revealed on Steam.

"This content is now available inside the main game! It sports the shiny new visuals from the current engine, new story bits, extra room skins and new music from Garoad, plus awesome remixed songs from Sage W and Senza Fine." 

This was actually promised prior to the release of VA-11 HALL-A on Steam: Kiririn51 wrote in a Steam forum post roughly two weeks before it went live, "Prologue will definitely be available in Steam at some point, just not at launch due to lack of time and some Steam limitations." 

VA-11 HALL-A is currently on sale on Steam for $13/£9/€13, until February 20. 

Andy Chalk

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