Uprising44 combines action and strategy set during the Warsaw Uprising


Over the weekend, Polish developer DMD Enterprise released Uprising44 , a strategy/shooter hybrid taking place within the well-worn gaming theater of World War II. No, don't reach for your dented helmet and M1 Garand just yet: you're actually a resistance member conducting guerrilla attacks during the ill-fated Warsaw Uprising, an event "not yet used" before now, DMD claims.

Gameplay switches between over-the-shoulder, cover-based shooting - where sandbags, static positioning, and the almighty flatcap reign supreme - to directing squads of civilian fighters through a pair of grimy binoculars. More interesting is the setting, a deviation from the usual British, American, and Russian battles to the Poles' struggle against Nazi occupation. We're not sure yet how it holds up, but we're curious.

Uprising44 is available for $15 from GamersGate , Green Man Gaming , and Get Games .

Omri Petitte

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