Upgrade to a 2TB solid state drive for $254

Are you running low on storage? Over at Rakuten (formerly Buy.com), you can pick up a Micron 2TB solid state drive for $254.11 after applying coupon code SAVE15 at checkout.

We've highlighted this same drive in the past, but this is the lowest price yet. By using the coupon code, you're saving almost $45 off the drive's current list price, coming ~$15 cheaper than the last time we brought this drive to attention. This current deal works out to less than $0.13 per gigabyte.

To put this into perspective, this same drive was on sale in February for $390, and at the time we noted it was the best price around for a 2TB SSD. It keeps dropping in price, and that's a good thing if you're in need of a capacious upgrade. It's also priced just a few bucks more than Corsair's MX500 1TB, our current choice as the best SSD for gaming with half the capacity.

While not the fastest drive on the market, it's certainly good enough for gaming and most other tasks, especially compared to a hard drive. Micron's drive uses 3D TLC NAND flash memory and is rated to deliver up to 530MB/s of sequential read performance and up to 500MB/s of sequential writes.

Follow this link to grab this drive. Unlike some of Rakuten's past deals, the coupon code isn't listed/clickable on the product page—you have to enter it at checkout when you get to the payment section.

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Paul Lilly

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