Upcoming job sim Ambulance Life is putting the public in your capable, paramedic hands

The developers of Police Simulator have just announced their next emergency services job sim, Ambulance Life: A Paramedic Simulator, with a high drama trailer at the PC Gaming Show: Most Wanted. You'll be racing across the city responding to emergencies ranging from basic cuts to exploded gas stations, saving lives as efficiently as possible.

In Ambulance Life, you're working in the fictional Pelican City on the US west coast, being dispatched to four different neighborhoods: the historic quarter, business district, and industrial zone according to Aesir Interactive. I'd be willing to bet the fourth option is a residential area. After responding to a number of incidents in each area, you'll unlock new districts with their own types of citizens and emergencies to solve with more advanced tools.

For each situation, Aesir says you'll get behind the wheel of an ambulance, some of which handle differently than others, on the way to an emergency site. "Catastrophic events may occur during your shift, and you will have to rise to the occasion," Aesir says. "During these extraordinarily serious emergency situations, you will find a large number of injured people that you will have to quickly examine while staying calm. You have to classify them according to the severity of their injuries and save as many as possible."

It's not all tragedy though, sometimes an emergency is just patching someone up from a nasty cut or whipping out your stethoscope. Judging by the way Police Simulator works, you'll likely have a radial menu for all your ten medical instruments and different interactions you may need while assessing a situation. "You can then administer first aid and bring out your stretcher to take the victim to hospital as quickly as possible, if the wounds are too severe," Aesir adds.

This life-or-death job sim is getting dispatched in September 2024, but you can wishlist it on Steam to keep an eye on updates until then. 

Lauren Morton
Associate Editor

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