Untitled Goose Game needs this character creator

(Image credit: Alex Massé)

The mean-spirited protagonist of Untitled Goose Game can stick a jar on its beak or strut around with a fetching bow, but there are lamentably few opportunities to play dress-up with the evil bird. I didn't think it needed a character creator, but after Goose fan and Paralives developer Alex Massé made a fan prototype, I can't think of anything else. 

Paralives is an in-development indie life sim where you build homes and look after their inhabitants, and Massé decided to test its character editing tools by making customisable geese inspired by Untitled Goose Game.

Massé created a bunch of different styles and clothing options, but it's the body sliders, which tweak everything from the size of its feet to the length of its neck, that steal the show. Just look at this jolly fat duck. 

(Image credit: Alex Massé)

It's a bit less intimidating than an angry goose, but ducks have a mean streak too. It's a well know fact that they will eat human flesh when bread isn't available. 

While Massé has their own game to work on, I do hope House House spots this and is inspired to make some goose customisation DLC. There's a whole world of waterfowl out there undoubtedly eager to spread chaos throughout a quaint village.

Fraser Brown
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