Unreleased, forgotten Dizzy game released for free after 22 years

Wonderland Dizzy

Dizzy isn't a name you hear much any more—we appear to have been spared years of crap 3D platformers, Sonic-style, in this reality—but the cuddly, kamikaze egg suddenly has a new game out. Or rather, an old game out, but one that will be new to almost everyone bar its creators. As Eurogamer reports, Dizzy creators The Oliver Twins have unearthed an unreleased Dizzy game and released it, for free, 22 years later.

It's called Wonderland Dizzy, and you can play it in your browser here. It's the first Dizzy game to let you play as a different egg: Dizzy's girlfriend Daisy. I've played a bit, and it's every bit as colourful, shrill, and balls-hard as you would expect from the adventure-platformer series. (Although a new 'Fun' mode featuring infinite lives has been added for this release.)

Oliver Twins Andrew and Philip discovered the game five months ago in a loft—a game they'd completely forgotten about. Though Wonderland Dizzy was basically finished over two decades ago, Codemasters decided not to publish the game, and it was only released to the public this weekend, at an event marking the launch of a book Kickstarter dedicated to the careers of The Oliver Twins.

If you have any interest in game history, and you know what a Dizzy is, it's worth reading the full story over at Eurogamer.

A couple of years ago, The Oliver Twins tried to bring back Dizzy via an unsuccessful Kickstarter; they're now working on the Minecraft-inspired, free-to-play MMO Sky Saga.

Richard Cobbett recently revisited Dizzy for his Crapshoot column. I don't think I've ever seen that many egg puns in one place. Bravo.

Tom Sykes

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