Watch Epic play the new Unreal Tournament's team deathmatch mode

Unreal Tournament

The new Unreal Tournament keeps surprising me with how far along in development it is. Recently, for instance, we saw concept art that was, in fact, a fully rendered level . Now, we get to see the game's team deathmatch mode being played. No big deal, right? We've seen nu-UT deathmatch before . Only this time, the team say they've got all weapons working in the game.

If I had one wish... well, it would be to get my hands on the game to test its feel in comparison to previous UTs. If I had another, though, it would be for Epic to install Fraps or similar, so we could finally see some direct-capture footage.

Want more info? For an insight into this new Unreal Tournament's crowdsourced development plan, check out our Epic interview .

Phil Savage

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