Epic share a work-in-progress Unreal Tournament level

Here's some "working concept art" from the upcoming Unreal Tournament. And it does look like concept art, thanks to the clean environments and stylised lighting. In fact, this is an early look at a work-in-progress level, and Epic are taking you on a flythrough tour in their new development video.

"This, in my mind, represents kind of the sci-fi, industrial look. We could go grimier with this," says art director Chris Perna.

"To me Unreal and the entire franchise has always been a Tim Burton Batman caricature of itself. Where I'd like to go with the new franchise is more a Chris Nolan Batman Begins ... something a little more polished, a little more realism, but without going over the top."

For more Unreal Tournament, you can watch a small taster of deathmatch footage , and read our interview with Epic on their unusual, crowdfunded development process.

Phil Savage

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