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Unreal Tournament update adds first high-res textured map


Unreal Engine is free now, and that doesn't just mean a powerful tool to create your own games. You've also got a tool to make Epic's one, too. The collaborative community project that is the new Unreal Tournament has been opened up for all as a result of UE4's dropped subscription. To celebrate, it's received a new update that adds the game's first high-res textured map: Outpost 23.

Here's a quick look at the map, courtesy of Zaccubus:

It's a pretty thing, especially in the way that its crisp aesthetic is scuffed and muddied. It's not pristine, which gives the map a more lived-in feel that enhances the look.

The update also adds new characters and introduces the UT marketplace. Yes, there's a hat store now. That's how you know it's a free-to-play PC shooter.

To play Unreal Tournament you just need to go here, sign up for an account, and download the Epic Launcher. To make content for the new Unreal Tournament you probably have to do complicated things that I don't understand. Tutorials explaining what those things are can be found here.

Phil Savage
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