Unreal Engine 4 gets Oculus Rift support, could spell good things for future indie games

I'll soon be able to use the Oculus Rift with my microwave, the way things are going, affording me a 360 degree view of my morning porridge as it misses the sweet spot and turns to glue. I can't wait. I'm also quite excited about Unreal Engine 4, which is the latest Games Thing to support the VR helmet. The compatibility comes courtesy of Epic Games' Integrated Partners Program, which is corporatespeak for 'we've signed a deal with some middleware companies'. As of...now, developers with Unreal Engine 4 licenses can implement Oculus Rift in their games, suggesting we might be in for that gaudy virtual reality future the 1990s promised us, after all.

It's still early days for Unreal Engine 4, of course, but considering how many indie games currently make use of its third iteration, this move could put Oculus Rift support in the hands of many indie developers. VR might work particularly well with procedurally generated horror Daylight , for example, one of the few UE4 games we've seen in the wild.

Thanks to Engadget , via PCGamesN .

Tom Sykes

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