Uncanny Valley is a creepy 2D horror game, has a demo out right now

As a massive coward, I went into Uncanny Valley with deliberately sub-optimal conditions. Light glared through my window. Sound was left to wander aimlessly from my speakers. Most importantly, puppy gifs were positioned prominently on my second monitor. Despite all this, it still elicited a fright or two–the game's creepy atmosphere being interspersed with some effective scares. You can try it out, too, as its developers have released a demo ahead of the full release later this year.

Yes, it's another 2D pixelated indie horror. In Uncanny Valley, you play as the security guard at what seems to be an android creation corporation. That events in the facility are increasingly eerie is only one of your problems. The other is frequent nightmares involving shadowy figures.

What makes the game most interesting is the way the developers are attempting to provide consequences for every success and failure. Get caught, and (most of the time) the game won't end, but rather continue on with potential handicaps along the way. Get repeatedly captured, for instance, and your deteriorating condition will mean you move more slowly.

Head here to download the demo. You'll find the game's trailers below.

Phil Savage

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