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Yes, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is getting exo-powered zombies

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General rule of thumb is that if you like video games and enjoy purchasing DLC then you're a huge fan of zombies. Or at least, a fan of killing zombies. Now Sledgehammer has confirmed what many have long suspected: that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will get its own zombie horde mode much like in previous instalments, except this time the zombies will be in exoskeletons. Double jumping zombies are inbound, then.

Sensibly titled Exo Zombies, the first chapter of the co-op mode will come with the Havoc DLC pack, which releases some time early next year. The pack is the first of four spread out across 2015, including Ascendance, Supremacy and Reckoning. Each will feature zombies, because y'know. Zombies.

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