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World of Tanks' upcoming 8.11 update to introduce combat between nations

In its regular game modes, World of Tanks models an alternate history in which sovereign states engage in an armoured warfare arms race, only to deploy their tanks in an evenly balanced inter-country free-for-all. All in all, it's a pretty inefficient way to run a war, which could be why the multiplayer tankfest's upcoming update introduces the more nationalistically beneficial Confrontation mode. It unites vehicles of the same country of origin, and pits them in a team against an opposing national force.

In addition to the new mode, 8.11 will bring Windstorm, a new winter-based map set in a European city. Also included are alternate versions of two existing maps, with Ruinberg on Fire introducing the opposing forces of flame and rain to Ruinberg, and Winter Himmelsdorf being exactly what it sounds like: Himmelsdorf in the winter.

While Wargaming have yet to release 8.11, it is available to try through the game's public test client. For details on how to trial the mode, head to this instructional blog post . While players won't be able to make purchases while in public test mode, they will be given a one-time stipend of gold, credits and XP to use in testing the game.

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