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World of Tanks at Tankfest 2013, give £80,000 to tank education love tanks. They've made a game about tanks, attended festivals dedicated to tanks, probably pampered Panzers and serenaded Shermans. It's only natural that they want to share their obsession with a new generation. As such, they've announced an £80,000 grant for The Tank Museum of Bovington, Dorset, to be used in the pursuit of tank-centric education.

That's educating people about tanks, not educating the tanks themselves. I doubt even Wargaming have that level of commitment.

The grant will kit out a room in the museum with AV equipment and "high spec" computers, transforming it into the " Education Centre", and allowing the museum to host lectures and presentations. Given that many of the lessons will be aimed at kids, presumably most of them will try to sneakily install games while their teacher isn't looking. Would they get bonus marks if that game was World of Tanks?

Wargaming CEO Victor Kislyi will be at the museum with World of Tanks from June 29th for Tankfest 2013 , where he'll unveil a plaque in the centre's honour. "World of Tanks has generated huge interest in the history of armoured warfare amongst young people on-line," he said, "and with this room we can take this enthusiasm into the classroom to give a new generation of children a better appreciation of their national heritage."

Phil Savage
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