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Watch Dogs Legion Online: Everything we know about taking back London with your friends

Watch Dogs Legion Online
(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Watch Dogs Legion Online is coming in early 2021, promising to let you hack and battle your way through dystopian London with your friends.

Watch Dogs Legion's most interesting feature was the chance to play as any random citizen in future London's open world, and to recruit an elite squad of stealthy hackers and combat experts from the oppressed masses. In Watch Dogs Online, you'll be doing more of that, only with friends in co-op. There will also be a couple of PvP modes that let you go head-to-head with other players.

Here's what we know about Watch Dogs Legion Online:

When is Watch Dogs Legion Online coming out?

Originally, multiplayer for Watch Dogs Legion was planned for early December of 2020, but it was delayed until "Early 2021" back in November. Ubisoft stated the delay was so it could prioritize Legion's singleplayer issues.

We now have a release date for Watch Dogs Legion's online mode: March 9.

What multiplayer modes will there be?

As far as we know, there will be four different modes in the Watch Dogs Legion Online update.

Open-world co-op: Explore London with up to 4 other players. Recruit the citizens you meet, just like in the singleplayer game, and build a team to tackle new missions. "We're also adding dynamic events that will bring new challenges to the streets of London," says Ubisoft. 

Tactical operations: Tactical ops are more difficult and elaborate co-op missions, with "more demanding challenges that require four players and push them to work in concert and communicate constantly."

Spiderbot arena: It's a PvP deathmatch mode where up to 8 players can clash, using only weaponized spiderbots to hunt and kill each other in an arena.

Invasion mode: Similar to the mode from the original Watch Dogs, players can sneak into someone else's singleplayer campaign and hack their data while avoiding detection, then try to make a safe escape back into their own singleplayer game.

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Can I use my singleplayer characters in multiplayer?

Nope. The online modes (except for Invasion) take place in a completely separate open world, and while you'll be able to take on missions with friends, the multiplayer experience won't overlap with your singleplayer game. You'll have to build a whole new team of agents and can't use anyone from your campaign in the online world.

And it's the same going the other way: You won't be able to play through the singleplayer campaign with friends in co-op, either.

It's free, right?

Yep. The multiplayer update will be completely free. There will also be a season pass for Watch Dogs Legion that can be purchased for new playable characters, campaign story missions, and more, but you won't need to buy the season pass just to get into multiplayer.

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