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Watch a new trailer for Carto, a 'chill adventure game' about a young girl and a magic map

Above: The full Humble Games segment from the PC Gaming Show. Carto trailer also on YouTube.

Humble Games unveiled a trailer at the PC Gaming Show today for the upcoming "chill adventure game" Carto, the story of a young girl on a long journey home, and the magic map that will help get her there.

I honestly don't know if the map is magic or Carto is, but either way the net result is the same: When she moves and rotates pieces of the map, the world around her changes too. That'll help Carto reach her destination, and it will also enable her to give aid to others that she'll meet on her journey through multiple biomes, "each with their own characters, culture, and a unique evolution of the central map mechanic." Also, there's a bear you can hug. 

Carto is slated to launch on Steam later this year.

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