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Tropico 6's first DLC is out now

Absurdist dictator simulator Tropico 6 was released in March and is only receiving its first paid DLC now. Developers Limbic Entertainment have been busy however, with a series of free updates over the last several months, the seventh of which, the Seguridad Social update, coincides with the release of this DLC.

Said DLC is called The Llama of Wall Street, and yes that is a Wolf of Wall Street gag. It's time for El Presidente to go financial, with the new Trade Institute building enabling stock market manipulation. (Other new buildings added by this expansion are the Toy Workshop and Smart Furniture Studio.) There are also various new random events and "Expanded gameplay mechanics mean goods are now subject to price fluctuations, trade impacts and trends."

The Seguridad Social update meanwhile adds warehouses, another sandbox map called Rio, and the Social Security edict. Both are out now.

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