This week's free Witcher 3 DLC adds more Gwent cards


Gwent! It's the card game that took the Witcher's world by storm, and that spawned more real-world op-eds than a fictional game-within-a-game has any right to. Now, it's also been expanded, thanks to this week's double-helping of free Witcher 3 DLC.

Here are the descriptions for this week's chunk 'o content:

  • New Quest – 'Fool's Gold': Geralt and a village idiot team up to learn the secret of an abandoned village inhabited entirely by pigs.
  • Ballad Heroes' Neutral Gwent Card Set: Make your Gwent Deck legendary! The 'Ballad Heroes' neutral Gwent card set will provide alternative cards capturing characters from Dandelion's ballads in all their glory.

It's a good set of stuff this week. I'm particularly looking forwarded to palling around pig village with a village idiot.

To get the DLC, either wait for Steam to download it, or, if you've got a retail or GOG version, add the free DLC subscription to your account, and then download through the GOG account page.

We're now half-way through the 16 planned pieces of free DLC. What's on your wishlist for the remaining eight?

Update: Alas, it appears that the Gwent set is just alternate skins for existing cards.