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This PS1 demake of Cyberpunk 2077 turns Keanu Reeves into a satanic giraffe

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The launch of Cyberpunk 2077 has been less than stellar, but at least the community's coming together to prod and poke fun in the form of countless memes. There's already been a bundle of bug compilations, as well as a terrifying "secret" character creator. But this PS1-style demake of the game, bugs and all, is possibly one of the greatest things to come out of the chaos.

The video comes from YouTuber Anders Lundbjörk, and crams some of the most prevalent bugs into a mayhem-riddled 50 seconds. There are rubber palm trees that bend and contort towards the ground, just like the real thing. An NPC T-poses before helicoptering into space, while another civilian cowers in fear before popping out of existence from a single punch.

You're then greeted by the most terrifying thing of all—Johnny Silverhand with an astronomically long neck. All before the entire game fails to read and starts skipping. 

It's a creative bit of fun that expresses how poorly the game has been running for many, particularly PS4 and Xbox One users. Sony has since pulled Cyberpunk from its digital store, and is offering refunds alongside Microsoft. PC gamers with more capable hardware haven't had it nearly as bad, but we've still been running into a lot of strange, hilarious, and annoying bugs.

CD Projekt Red has apologised for the game's state on PS4 and Xbox One and announced it would be rectifying the bugs across all platforms, or at least starting to, with patches arriving in January and February. 

Things have certainly been looking grim for CD Projekt Red these past two weeks, but the situation is far from unsalvageable. Despite everything, James is feeling optimistic about Cyberpunk's future

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