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The Oculus Quest 2 will be a must-have this Black Friday, sale or none

Two people dancing around like idiots using the Oculus Quest 2 on a pink gradient background
(Image credit: Oculus)

The Oculus Quest 2 is still the best way to get into VR if you want a quality experience for cheap, and this Black Friday we're predicting sales to skyrocket. Whether or not there are any Oculus Quest 2 Black Friday deals to be found this year year, it's very likely they will sell out sharpish.

When the Oculus Quest 2 first trundled onto the market, it gave PlayStation VR a ridiculous run for it's money. By the time its first quarter was up, Oculus Quest 2 sales were estimated to have reached 2–3 million worldwide, and around 5 million in the first six months (via androidcentral).

To put the figures into perspective, it took Sony a good five years to reach those kinds of numbers with the PSVR—meaning the Quest 2 sold three times faster than one of the most popular VR headsets of all time.

It's really no wonder. The Quest 2 certainly earned its place at the top of our best VR headsets guide thanks to its superb spec for the price and, of course, just how darned easy it is to set up. Literally press a button, slip it on, and you're all set thanks to the inside-out tracking.

Oculus Quest 2

Oculus Quest 2 | 128GB | 1832 x 1920 | 6GB RAM | $299 at Amazon
This new Oculus Quest 2 is a great compromise on storage capacity for a fantastic price. If you're not looking to have all your games downloaded at once, then why not opt for this? It's the same price as the old 64GB one anyway!

Oculus Quest 2

Oculus Quest 2 | 256 GB | 1832 x 1920 | 6GB RAM | $399 at Amazon
Powered by a Snapdragon XR2 processor, this larger storage capacity Oculus Quest 2 works with PC VR or as a standalone VR headset. It's top of our list of the best VR headsets for a good reason, so worth a look whether it's on sale or not.

Oculus has also been keeping up with software updates, and has recently improved the Quest 2 refresh rate to support 90Hz, and even 120Hz in some games. The base model Oculus Quest even underwent a recent 128GB refresh, without so much as a price hike—double the storage for your money.

Plus, the obligatory Facebook login looks like it'll soon be no more.

Oculus Quest 2 with Elite Strap in front of window

(Image credit: Future)

With the recent component shortages we've been experiencing, the standalone nature of the Quest 2 makes it a perfect alternative to treating yourself to a GPU upgrade. The fact you don't need a GPU to experience PC VR will only serve to drive Quest 2 sales more intensely this deals season. 

Untethered, you get around two hours of gaming time on battery, albeit at a lower-power and with some tradeoffs in terms of graphic fidelity. Alternatively, with a single USB Type-C running from the headset to your PC, you can make the most of whatever hardware you do manage to bag over deals season.

So, before Black Friday comes a-knocking, it might be best to make your Oculus Quest 2 purchase early, rather than waiting for the dregs of Cyber Monday to roll around. Particularly if you can find a 128GB model.

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