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The internet is brutally mocking Mass Effect: Andromeda's animations

Including Mass Effect: Andromeda in the Origin Access program looks increasingly like a mistake. Subscribers can currently play Andromeda's first two missions, plus the multiplayer, before it launches next week. None of the game beyond that point can be played, and what's there has now been livestreamed many times. A few of us at PC Gamer have played it, and had mixed feelings.

So with the early plot laid bare and the combat thoroughly investigated, all that's left to do is dunk on Andromeda's every flaw. Ugly facial expressions, bugged out animations, and clipping errors are doing the rounds on Twitter and NeoGAF, and lines like "my face is tired"—which sounds the work of a teenager on AIM in 2004—are ceaselessly being roasted.

I'm personally enjoying Andromeda despite these flaws (BioWare_Apologist has entered the chat) but I can't help but laugh at the overall shambles of the situation. You have EA pushing its subscription program with early access to a highly anticipated game, while that highly anticipated game only suffers for it. Ryder's ugly grimaces and animation bugs would've been tweeted on launch day too, but there would have been plenty else to move on to—new story beats and characters to talk about. Instead, all weekend, the most anticipated game of the year is going to be repeatedly owned. Like this...

And finally, I am also guilty of joining the dogpile:

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