Show us your custom Mass Effect: Andromeda characters

Mass Effect: Andromeda just went live on EA’s Origin Access program and we have pretty mixed feelings about its first few hours. The trial gives players a good chunk of the early game to play through, but we’re betting the majority of people will be stuck on primping and poking their Ryders above all else. Got to look good for all that intergalactic flirting. We’ve already messed around with the character creator quite a bit, and while we don’t think it’s great, you can still make some wacky looking space heroes with it—see Jareth above. Love you, Jareth. 

As much as Jareth arrests our eyes, we want to see what you’ve come up with so far. Share the link to a screenshot of your Ryder in the comments below, whether they’re a perfect simulacra of yourselves or horrible nightmare clowns, and we’ll feature our favorites in a future article. 

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