The Flame in the Flood is a survival "rogue-lite", now on Kickstarter

The Flame in the Flood

This was perhaps the inevitable consequence of Irrational's closure. We reported on The Black Glove earlier in the week, and now there's a second Kickstarter from ex-Bioshock devs. It's called The Flame in the Flood, and it's a post-societal rogue-"lite" about survival and rivers. Check out the above trailer—it looks like it could be quite special.

The world is somewhat fantastical. Mostly deserted, it's a procedurally generated network of rivers through a world inspired by the Everglades, Mississippi Delta and Louisiana Bayou. What holds my interest, though, is the way the survival aspect is based more on real-life wilderness concerns. It's not zombies you're worrying about, but cold, hunger and scavenging animals.

"Scrounge for food and supplies," explains the Kickstarter page, "evade the ravenous wild-life, seek out shelter, maintain your raft, and stay healthy. And most important of all, make sure you’re gone when the rains arrive."

The team are looking for $150,000, and have already raised over a third of that total with 29 days remaining. $20 will secure you a copy, and the estimated delivery date is July 2015.