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The Evil Within trailer features classical music, long walks

The Evil Within

"This is nice," I think, as a man limps and stumbles through a corridor. That's the power of Debussy for you. Clair de Lune can make anything seem serene. Don't worry, it doesn't last. By the time the barbed wire and tentacle faces show up, this The Evil Within trailer has all gone a bit industrial.

The Evil Within is Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami's return to survival horror. Bethesda call it "pure survival horror," which, in this instance, probably means "filled with barbed wire and tentacle faces". There are certainly a lot of familiar genre motifs at work, but then horror's always relied on homage, and the ability to subvert the familiar.

The trailer was released ahead of the Tokyo Game Show, which a) kicks off tomorrow, and b) promises to feature extremely little in the way of PC-relevant news.

For more on The Evil Within, you can read Andy's hands-on report .

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