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The Crew trailer details perks and specs, will let you repair cars on the fly

The Crew

Cars are meant to be customised. Also driven, and filled with shopping and dogs and awkwardly perched sofas, but it's mainly about the customisation, an opinion shared by Ubisoft's open world racing MMO The Crew. The latest trailer goes on about this again, this time focusing on the handful of different car specs you can choose from—Street, Dirt, Performance, Raid and Circuit—which are basically the game's version of classes. You can switch between these on the fly, thankfully, should you tire of street races and want to (for instance) head to a circuit to do a nice legal race with a fancy car.

There are also perks, including the aptly named Mobile Mechanic, what lets you fix your car while you're out and about. Garages, we hardly knew ye. Actually, we knew ye quite well, and you were damned expensive, so Mobile Mechanic sounds like the kind of perk we'd enjoy in real life. If you've not been following The Crew, the following trailer offers a nice overview of Ubi's *shudders* 'caRPG', which is out on December 2nd. Andy went hands-on with it a couple of months ago, and he can confirm that "the map is indeed really, really big".