The Crew gameplay trailer teases a wealth of customization options

The Crew thumb

You're cruising the streets of The Crew in your reasonably quick, off-the-lot Mustang, listening to your favorite Sammy Hagar cover band, when suddenly, from out of nowhere, you get smoked by some jerkwagon in a tuner. What's a self-respecting pony rider to do? Don't get mad: Get even. Get customized.

In truth this latest trailer doesn't dig into the nuts and bolts of The Crew's customization system, but it does illustrate the wide range of options available to digital gearheads. As usual, it's all about the right tools for the job, and taking a street racing machine onto a dirt track clearly isn't the best idea anyone's ever had. Fortunately, the 'Stang is a very flexible machine, and when you're done playing in the dirt you can even kit it out for the pro racing circuit.

Absence of detail notwithstanding, it makes the point: If you want to succeed on the street, you're going to have to spend some time in the garage. The Crew, Ubisoft's persistent world multiplayer racing game, comes out on December 2.

Andy Chalk

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