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The Breakout: a PoW point 'n click adventure that's hoping to escape Kickstarter

Maybe you remember Prisoner of War, the 2002 third-person action adventure about escaping a PoW camp. If so, it's likely more due to its excellent premise than its shonky execution. For all that game's bugs and control quirks, it remains a compelling setting for a game—which is why I have high hopes for The Breakout. It's a point-'n-click adventure that emphasises stealth, preparation and recruitment. But before you can plot your own getaway, the game has to escape the financial hole of a Kickstarter campaign .

"After nightfall, the camp becomes your domain—and Guy's thievery skills come into play as you sneak out of your cell, past spotlights and guard dogs, picking locks and stealing tools as you go," the Kickstarter page explains. "If you are caught breaking any rules or sneaking around during lights out, your inventory will be confiscated and you will be thrown in the cooler. If you are caught trying to escape any of the perimeter fences, the tower guards will shoot on sight." The pitch goes on to explain that "not all is as it seems", with plot elements suggesting a supernatural theme to the game.

It's a strong idea, although there are some obvious worries. Point 'n click adventuring seems like a natural fit for a prison escape theme, but traditionally the genre isn't so good at action objectives like stealth. If these are fail-state minigames within the game, the developers will have to put a lot of work into ensuring they aren't—to use a technical term—annoying as all balls.

So far the campaign has raised almost £9,000 of the £49,500 goal. The Breakout has already made it through Steam Greenlight , and—should it be successfully funded—is due out July 2015.

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