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The best Rocket League plays of the week

Rocket League

It's the best Rocket League plays of the week. If you don't yet know, this is where we highlight the cars what done good.

A note: the site sometimes seems to struggle when multiple videos are embedded onto the page. If you're seeing any duplicates, that's probably why. Just refresh the page, and it usually sorts itself out.

5. nackar6879

Magnificent roof play. Wait, no, that sounds like some weird sex thing.

4. ShadowgoldXX

"Pulled off a goal that I don't even know what to call," writes ShadowgoalXX. I'd call it an effective method for flummoxing the keeper.

3. James

Sure, it's versus bots. But as saves go, you don't get much more impressive that multiple back flips followed by an aerial-boost sideswipe. Bots or nots, that's some stunning gymnastic deflection.

2. Bradley

"Pants shittingly beautiful," boasts Bradley. I don't disagree. It's a goal scored after the match should be over. By keeping the ball from touching the ground, Bradley is able to continue play and force an Overtime showdown.

1. MurrayUK

From Reddit, here's some one-two passes so glorious, that we should—as Rocket League fans—force these two players to meet in real-life where they can freeze-frame high-five for the rest of eternity.

If you've done something amazing in Rocket League, email me a link to a YouTube or Gfycat of the replay for possible inclusion in future round-ups. To see previous plays of the week, head here.

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