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The BattleTech devs are working on an unannounced horror game

(Image credit: Paradox Interactive)

Harebrained Schemes has put out job listings for a new game described as a "horror project." The developer is known for the turn-based RPG series Shadowrun and the mech strategy game BattleTech. 

On Harebrained Schemes official careers page, there are postings for both a lead game designer and art director. Clicking on either job listing directs to a description that says that the position is for an "unannounced horror project." 

Many fans underneath the job listing announcements on Twitter and Facebook are speculating that the project could be an expansion for BattleTech, Shadowrun, or even a Necropolis revisit, but the studio has already announced that it's focusing on two brand new projects. In a message from the studio last month, co-founder Mitch Gitelman teased two "brand new" projects, but didn't offer any details. 

If this unannounced project is a new IP for Harebrained Schemes then it will be the first time the studio has made a game in the horror genre. 

BattleTech hasn't been completely abandoned though, so MechWarriors can expect continued support for the series. That's good news, since BattleTech is one of the best strategy games on PC and it would be a shame for the studio to drop it completely. 

Thanks, GameSkinny.