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Tetris Effect is out on PC today

Tetris Effect takes one of the greatest games ever made and pumps it full of drugs and tunes, and today it's finally hopped over the fence and launched on PC. Like its PS4 counterpart, you'll be able to play with or without VR, but the PC version also comes with a few enhancements. 

On PC, Tetris Effect has an unlocked framerate, customisable keybindings, support for multiple VR devices and you can play in 4K.  

When we spoke with Enhance Games last week and tried Tetris Effect on PC, VP of production Mark MacDonald told us that the PC version allowed the devs to open up the game a bit, unlocking more options for players, as well as push it a bit further—there are improvements to lighting, textures, particle quantity and other things that would have been too demanding on a PS4.

Tetris Effect is an Epic Games Store exclusive for the time being. Everyone who purchases the game will also get a Digital Deluxe DLC bundle for free, but don't get too excited—it's just desktop wallpaper and a sampler of the soundtrack. 

It's out now, so keep an eye out for our review soon. 

Fraser Brown
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