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Tacoma trailer shows upside-down exploration, holo-eavesdropping


By now you've thoroughly explored 1 Arbor Hill and its many secrets, diary entries and riot grrrl tapes, so how about poking around somewhere new? After being trapped in a house for an hour two in Gone Home, Tacoma's space station should seem particularly massive—not least because you're allowed to walk about on the ceiling. (No dancing though, Lionel Richie. I mean it.)

Flagrant disregard for gravity aside, Tacoma builds on Gone Home's scrummaging and note-reading with holographic conversations between colourful teletubby-looking things. Which is to say, it's looking like a fine place to explore. We won't be able to do that until next year—however, Game Informer have just uploaded nearly five minutes of footage, which we can enjoy in all its spacey glory below. They're yakking all over it, so we can't hear the music or the dialogue sadly, but as our first proper glimpse of the game, eh it'll do for now. (Ta, RPS.)