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Sunless Skies Wayfarer update gives Albion a stellar makeover

Future journey's through Sunless Skies' cosmic expanse should be a little busier, Failbetter Games promises. A series of updates are on their way that aim to add a bit more life and variety to space, starting with the Wayfarer update in April. 

Wayfarer is mainly concerned with Albion. The map has been completely reworked, with tweaks to improve the atmosphere and art, more terrain to spice up fights and exploration, and a greater variety of alien beasties, space locomotives and discoveries. 

"We're hoping that introducing more variation will improve the experience when visiting areas you've already explored," Failbetter says. "If it does, we'll do more of this in the other regions, as well. Please let us know what you think once you've played the update!"

In every region, you should find more stories popping up, giving you something to do while you hurtle through the vacuum. Below are some of the encounters you could come across. 

  • Many new ways to encounter the gods of the skies, draw their attention or their ire, and benefit or suffer from it. 
  • Suffering the attacks of certain foes may now have a variety of delayed consequences. In particular, caution when engaging Guests is now advised.
  • It will now be possible to more closely investigate several of the greatest wonders and horrors of the skies when your travels bring you near them. 
  • Sometimes, you will be able to deploy your officers to pursue shore-side opportunities—these will be focused around Albion for now, but we'll add more if you enjoy them!

I love Sunless Skies, but there's no denying that there are a lot of long—often uneventful—journeys that don't benefit from the frequent repetition. More narrative events, fights and visually interesting locations sounds exactly like what it needs. Not too much, though, because part of the appeal are those contemplative moments of calm and silence before the next disaster. 

Wayfarer is due out on April 9. 

Fraser Brown
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