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Star Wars: Battlefront won't have iron sights

Star Wars: Battlefront

You'll be shooting from the hip come November 17, because Star Wars: Battlefront won't feature iron sights aiming. That's according to DICE Executive Producer Patrick Bach, who told OXM (via GamesRadar) that the move is representative of the studio's goal to distinguish Battlefront from other major shooters.

"There are no ironsights in Star Wars, on the ordinary blasters," Bach said. "You have scopes on some rifles, but there are no ironsights."

"We’re not taking into account what we’ve done before," Bach said regarding the studio's other major shooter, Battlefield. "I think that would be disrespectful to the fans, and to what we’re trying to achieve here. A lot of the things you saw in the game have nothing to do with anything we’ve done before. Some features of course resemble [our other shooters], because we want to make the best possible shooter, but in general we’ve tried to do something completely unique."

Details on the Star Wars shooter are slowly trickling out, despite the lack of publicly available gameplay footage: the base game will feature 12 multiplayer maps and will boast a maximum of 40 players per match. Wes Fenlon was lucky enough to see the game in action last month, and you can read his impressions here.

Shaun Prescott
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