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Star Citizen FPS module is delayed for the foreseeable future

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Those eager to jump into Star Citizen's first-person shooter module will need to wait, because the feature has been delayed indefinitely. In a blogpost on the Robert Space Industries website, Chris Roberts writes that the current FPS build, officially known as Star Marine, "doesn't live up to the standards we want to achieve with Star Citizen". He doesn't know for sure when the module will be ready for public consumption.

According to Roberts, "technical blockers and gameplay issues" can be blamed for Star Marine's delay, which was initially scheduled to release some time after PAX East in April. He can't predict when the features will be rolled out, but the studio has allocated "additional resources and increased cross-studio focus on the FPS portion of the game".

The blogpost is quite thorough in describing the problems RSI is facing with Star Marine. Roberts says the protracted development period won't dramatically affect the Star Citizen roadmap, though there will be some impact. "Integrating the FPS properly will help move every part of Star Citizen forward, as the tech will help form the blood and sinews of the whole game," Roberts writes.

"But I can’t stress enough that two additional months spent on Star Marine are not the same thing as two months of a delay for Star Citizen."

Check out the full post here.

Shaun Prescott
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