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South Korea's Destiny: Guardians is Destiny 2, with more microtransactions

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South Korea is getting its own version of Destiny 2. Dubbed Destiny: Guardians, it's effectively the same game available in the west, except for one crucial difference: it has a different Eververse vendor.

The Destiny 2 Eververse is an in-game store which sells various cosmetic items using real world currency, but South Koreans will get a different version. Gone is the familiar face of Tess Everis, and in her place will be Yuna. Unlike Tess Everis, Yuna sells XP boosts, weapons and armour, according to Eurogamer's translation of a Naver Sports report.

Eurogamer also cites YouTuber xHOUNDISHx's claims that high level weapons will be available to purchase, and that the Festival of the Lost event – which occurred every Halloween in the original Destiny – will return in October.

Importantly, South Korean players (or at least, those playing Destiny: Guardians and not Destiny 2) will be hosted on different servers to the rest of the world. So there's no chance that any of South Korea's Eververse benefits will muddy the water in the UK, USA or Australia. 

Destiny: Guardians will launch on September 5 and will feature all DLC – including Forsaken – to date.

And here, via Naver Sports, is a photo of Yuna:

Shaun Prescott
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